citrus bliss bath bombs

citrus bliss bath bombs
so yummy !

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

$35 deal for my lovely products.!!!

Feel like have more shiva's delight in your life? Well wait no longer... from now till september 1st for only $35 you can get a vegan lemon rosemary deodorant, a facial serum of your choice, a bar of soap, 2 bath bombs and a lime lip balm! So basically get are getting about $50 worth of goodies for only $35 ! message me at to place your order or to book your shopping appointment.. I can ship the orders out too!

Happy showering folks,


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Famine... no one should die from hunger in our world.

Shiva's Delight will be donating 20% of all sales this month to Oxfam to help the families suffering in africa. Let's help save some lives..Check out the pictures online of those suffering from this famine. hard to see but important to understand! This week I have already donated $60! Come get some lovey soaps and skin care or some funky jewlery and know that your purchase will be for a good cause ;)

Please call me at 613-549-1859 if you would like to come to shop! You can also donate to the famine through Oxfam Canada.. they are a great organization and are very honest.. the money you donate to them goes where it is needed!

These children and families in Africa are dying.. 29,000 children died in the last 90 days ... all becuase they had no food or water... this is very sad considering how much food and water our world has... We all share this planet and we all share its burdens.. Even a $10 donation helps!

Thank you for your continued support!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Soap Sale and other goodies on sale too!

Well its house cleaning time... and I am sweeping out the old to make room for the new and improved! I have a whole bunch of soaps on sale.. 10 bars for $30 I also have some body oils on sale for $8 per bottle (reg. $18) a few facial serums with old labels for $7 (reg. $15) and some bath bombs too! I even have 4 jars of brown sugar body scrub in lime or orange cinnamon for only $5 per jar (reg. $12)

I am downsizing and re-creating some of the best soaps in my collection so they will be even better! Lime twist will now be an intoxicating blend of lime, lemon and juniper oil... I just made the first test batch of the new blend today! It smells divine :)

If you would like to come get some sale items please email me at to book your shopping appointment. I have about 30 bars of soap left on sale and tidbits of other good stuff.. so come get it before its gone !

Happy Showering folks


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Free Shipping!

Happy hot day everyone.... I feel it is time for something special.. How does free shipping sound... Spend $50 or more on any Shiva's Delight soaps, skin care, bath goods or jewelry and I will pay the shipping! this deal is on till the end of July... I have lots of new goods. Vegan lemon Rosemary Deodorant $12, lavender Patchouli deodorant (non vegan) $10, CHeeky Lime Lip balm $6, New Sweet Tangerine Soap $6, Shoo Fly body Balm that soothes the skin and happens to drive away mosquitoes! I also have a new bath bomb flavour Lemongrass Jasmine $5 each or 3 for $13 !

check out my website the new goods are not up yet but they will be soon when I get the photos done.

happy showering


Monday, May 16, 2011

New Sweet Tangerine Soap

I have a new soap... Sweet Tangerine.... lovely with pink swirls and it smells divine! If you love tangeine, grapefruit, and orange then this soap is for you.... I also have a limited edition Sweet Orange Jasmine soap too.. I have about 25 bars left. I have a lot of new products on the shelves, lavender baby butter, lavender baby massage oil, sweet orange jasmine body oil, vegan rosemary foot ointment, natural deoderant bars, natural zinc diaper ointment and more!
I have a special Private offer for all of you who follow my blog! For the month of May buy any 2 soaps and get one free, also body oil will be on sale for $15 (reg. $20-$25) just for you folks ;) If you like jewelry you can get anything piece you want for %30 off . This offer is for your eyes only and is on the till the last day of May! Please give me a call if you would like to come by to see all of the new goods and take advantage of these amazing deals! 613-549-1859

Happy Showering Folks


Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Day After Earth Hour

It's the day after earth hour.. I sit in my kitchen surrounded by boxes of soap and other yummy smelling creations.. I may not have sold out but I met a lot of great people.. sold a bunch of bath bombs.... some soap and suprisingly afew items of jewelry! Earth Hour was a wonderful experience.. kids dancing to super fun drummers, a fire show, a kick ass band... and the hot chocolate was amazing!
I am sending a big shout out to Jaimie-lyn... she was my saving grace last night.. she helped me set up, sell the goods and stayed with me till the end :) Thank you Jaimie-lyn !!!!!

In honour of earth hour... and to inspire you all to shop locally I am offering a special deal... come see me and you can get: 1 bar of soap, 3 bath bombs, a body butter, a face scrub of your choice and a lip balm for $45! reg. $55 so you save $10 !~

This sale is this week! so come on by and have a cup of tea with me and pick up some fantastic locally made 100% natural skin care !

Happy showering folks


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shiva's Delight and Earth Hour!

Tonight we celebrate Earth Hour.. a time to turn off the lights and pay homage to mother nature! Sit by candle light... enjoy the moment and say a prayer for our kind mother! She is our mother, our home, our ecosystem, she is the earth beneath our feet!

I have been invited to sell my natural soaps and other goodies at Kingston Earth Hour Unplugged.. I will be in market square from 6:30pm till 9:30 pm tonight.. if you are at the event please come by for a visit... Jaimie-lyn (the awesome starfire witch) will be with me helping me out... and it is her brithday!

There will be an off the grid concert with the Gertrudes at 8pm and I have heard rumors of a fire show too! There will be free hot chocolate too!

Turn off those lights and give mother nature a rest! Happy Earth Hour Folks...