citrus bliss bath bombs

citrus bliss bath bombs
so yummy !

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A vision of soap !

So here I am sitting here trying so very hard to write about my life and soap making... hmmm....
While I sit here images of lemon poppyseed soap whirl through my head..... and I hear a little voice saying " ya make soap... it smells great, its natural, and people like it" so there it is ! I make soap. I make soap that looks and smells good enough to eat.. a child once took a bite out of a bar of my lemon poppyseed soap thinking it was candy! Soap is my new passion.. I love to make it, I love to use it, I love to share it and I love to sell it... I get more excited about creating a new soap recipe than I do about shopping (and I love shopping). Making soap is like art and science all in one! It takes a creative mind, precise math, and a nose for scent blending...and a boat load of patience.... Did you know it takes 4-6 weeks for a bar of soap to cure...that means that everytime I create a new recipe I can't test it out for ages... patience patience and more patience... but when its finally ready its like mini christmas.... a fancy little bar of soap all for me, made by me... :) My favourite soap thus far is lime twist, and lemon poppyseed... both smell like a wee bit of heaven.. and they make bath time a lot more fun ;) If you like soap you should give mine a try...

So there it is, my first blog about soap making and my life! Much more to come but for now.. goodnight.

pleasant dreams and happy showering

Casey :)

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  1. Yeah Casey! I want to see delish pix now! I have a strange craving for lemon poppyseed cake?