citrus bliss bath bombs

citrus bliss bath bombs
so yummy !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Kitchen smells like lime !

So today due to the hot no soap making weather.. I was busy doing other things.... I made lime twist bath bombs and lavender bath bombs.... I packaged a bunch of baby soap. lavender avocado and plain avocado !! I also have some fresh lime twist and lemon poppyseed soap all shrink wrapped and ready to go! The offer of 5 bath bombs for $12 is still on for all of you blog followers out there! Come and get em while they are fresh... my kitchen smells like lime overload...

happy showering


Too hot for soap!

Today it is hot!!! Too hot for soap making.... so I am researching something different... cuticle balm !! I am designing a cuticle softening balm that will be in a lip balm container so you can keep it in your purse and take care of those lovely nails any time you please !! I am thinking it will be tangerine and mandarin scented but I am not totally sure yet.. We will have to see what unfolds today !!!

Happy showering ! and enjoy this HOT day.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Australian red clay soap !!!

Red soap.. I mean really red soap ! Clay clay clay.... hooray for clay... it's a natural way to colour soap and its good for your skin. Now that is a great combination.... So I used my new red australian clay to make a rose soap... and it looks amazing... deep rich burgundy red with ground rose petals... and it smells good too! orange and rose... and afew other goodies in there too... It will be ready in 4 weeks and I am having a very hard time waiting for it. That is one thing about soap making that is very very hard.. it is a big old lesson in patience. You make it but you can't use for weeks and weeks. So that means if you make a mistake you won't know for a whole month or more... I have been very fortunate thus far and have only had one bad batch of soap.... I have ordered french clay in green and in pink and plan to make some lovely soap creations soon.. I think a swirled lemon lime bar is in order... and a pink clay baby soap too !

The specials for following my blog are any 5 bath bombs for $12 (offer good till the end of next week) and a new special... buy any 5 bars of soap and get a free lip balm !!!! also good till next friday !!!! come visit me and see what I have in stock... if you live far away I can ship to you :)

Happy showering folks...

Casey (soapgirl)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

and the winner is ???

Annette wins the lemon poppyseed soap !!! Way to go Annette... you did you homework ;) saponification is the chemical reaction that takes place when the lye and oils meet... soap and glycerin are the byproducts of this reaction ! Now there is a little bit of science for all of you.

Happy showering,

Casey (soapgirl)

Soap Trivia.... who will win ????

To thank all of you wonderful beings for following my little blog I am offering you a special deal.... just for you folks... no one else !~ pick any 5 bath bombs for $12 this offer is good until next wednesday !!!!
and now for a giveaway ! The first person who can answer this question correctly wins a bar of lemon poppyseed soap !!!!

here is the big question: " what is the chemical reaction that happens when you mix the oil, water and lye in the soap making process ?"

first person to answer correctly will get that free bar of lemon poppyseed soap !

Happy Showering folks.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soap for Acne.....! It's finally done.. horray

Well... the acne soap has been made.. after much research and procrastinating it is now sitting on my counter wrapped in blankets like a wee swaddled babe ! It smells refreshing.. full of tea tree, lavender and juniper oils.... and I also added some shea butter for its healing qualities.. and a wee bit of cocoa butter as well... and of course there is finely ground oatmeal in there too... ! When it is ready in 5 weeks.. I might need someone to test it for me :) If you would like to be a guinea pig let me know !

Happy showering

Casey (soapgirl)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


One morning spent yard sailing with a big old coffee and I come home with a car FULL of very cool goodies... Shelves for soap displays.. $2 ! A little adjustments and some spray paint and I will have one very cool soap set up for vending... I am very excited! Now its soap making time... Bloody orange shaving soap here I come...... It is time to make soap... lots of soap before the warm weather takes over and my soap becomes curd! Making soap on a hot august day just does not work.. tried it once last year and ended with with a big old batch of yummy smelling cheese curd looking goo... it was a sad sad day for me.. my 2nd ever batch of soap.... in the garbage... I had no idea that hot muggy weather makes for poor soaping. Lesson learned... plans to make about 20 batches of soap this month.... stock up for summer... Carl and Jet have made me 4 soap molds this weekend... that should keep me going for a very long time...

As for all of you... your input and ideas are always welcome... if you have a favourite essential oil combo let me know.. I am open to new ideas.. and I love to make custom soaps... ! Please do leave me comments.. tell me about my soap..... after all its you guys and gals who keep me going... I am off to hang my laundry on the line.. and I am seriously considering making a laundry soap for scrubbing stains !!! some day soon....

Happy showering... and enjoy this sunny day !


Saturday, May 15, 2010

What comes next ?

My whole kitchen smells like lime, I have lime twist soap curing on the counter, cheeky lime shaving soap curing above the laundry machine and a basement full of all sorts of other soap creations.... and the list goes on.. So what's next? Well I have this big idea to make another fancy guy soap called "Bloody Orange Shaving Soap". It will be dark rich red(full of australian red clay).. and it will smell like blood orange.... with a hint of sweet orange and tangerine..... meant for straight razors and old fashioned shaving brushes... I might even try to make it round !!!!! to fit into those cute little shaving cups... now there's an idea ! I have asked a local potter to make me some custom shaving mugs and I am totally looking into shaving brushes too! Men are getting back in touch with the whole hoopla that comes along with natural care products.. I love it! I thinks it says a lot about a guy.. straight razor and all... sexy in some old fashioned bloody way ;) Now if only they could let their gals shave them... an exercise in trust ;)
I sold 4 bars of shaving soap today..... and I am making the bloody orange shaving soap tonight... in 6 weeks it will be ready to take over the world one shave at a time !

Happy showering ... and if you need some fantastic soap.. you know where to go ;) and I can ship anywhere !

Casey (soap girl)