citrus bliss bath bombs

citrus bliss bath bombs
so yummy !

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What comes next ?

My whole kitchen smells like lime, I have lime twist soap curing on the counter, cheeky lime shaving soap curing above the laundry machine and a basement full of all sorts of other soap creations.... and the list goes on.. So what's next? Well I have this big idea to make another fancy guy soap called "Bloody Orange Shaving Soap". It will be dark rich red(full of australian red clay).. and it will smell like blood orange.... with a hint of sweet orange and tangerine..... meant for straight razors and old fashioned shaving brushes... I might even try to make it round !!!!! to fit into those cute little shaving cups... now there's an idea ! I have asked a local potter to make me some custom shaving mugs and I am totally looking into shaving brushes too! Men are getting back in touch with the whole hoopla that comes along with natural care products.. I love it! I thinks it says a lot about a guy.. straight razor and all... sexy in some old fashioned bloody way ;) Now if only they could let their gals shave them... an exercise in trust ;)
I sold 4 bars of shaving soap today..... and I am making the bloody orange shaving soap tonight... in 6 weeks it will be ready to take over the world one shave at a time !

Happy showering ... and if you need some fantastic soap.. you know where to go ;) and I can ship anywhere !

Casey (soap girl)

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