citrus bliss bath bombs

citrus bliss bath bombs
so yummy !

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Australian red clay soap !!!

Red soap.. I mean really red soap ! Clay clay clay.... hooray for clay... it's a natural way to colour soap and its good for your skin. Now that is a great combination.... So I used my new red australian clay to make a rose soap... and it looks amazing... deep rich burgundy red with ground rose petals... and it smells good too! orange and rose... and afew other goodies in there too... It will be ready in 4 weeks and I am having a very hard time waiting for it. That is one thing about soap making that is very very hard.. it is a big old lesson in patience. You make it but you can't use for weeks and weeks. So that means if you make a mistake you won't know for a whole month or more... I have been very fortunate thus far and have only had one bad batch of soap.... I have ordered french clay in green and in pink and plan to make some lovely soap creations soon.. I think a swirled lemon lime bar is in order... and a pink clay baby soap too !

The specials for following my blog are any 5 bath bombs for $12 (offer good till the end of next week) and a new special... buy any 5 bars of soap and get a free lip balm !!!! also good till next friday !!!! come visit me and see what I have in stock... if you live far away I can ship to you :)

Happy showering folks...

Casey (soapgirl)

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