citrus bliss bath bombs

citrus bliss bath bombs
so yummy !

Sunday, May 16, 2010


One morning spent yard sailing with a big old coffee and I come home with a car FULL of very cool goodies... Shelves for soap displays.. $2 ! A little adjustments and some spray paint and I will have one very cool soap set up for vending... I am very excited! Now its soap making time... Bloody orange shaving soap here I come...... It is time to make soap... lots of soap before the warm weather takes over and my soap becomes curd! Making soap on a hot august day just does not work.. tried it once last year and ended with with a big old batch of yummy smelling cheese curd looking goo... it was a sad sad day for me.. my 2nd ever batch of soap.... in the garbage... I had no idea that hot muggy weather makes for poor soaping. Lesson learned... plans to make about 20 batches of soap this month.... stock up for summer... Carl and Jet have made me 4 soap molds this weekend... that should keep me going for a very long time...

As for all of you... your input and ideas are always welcome... if you have a favourite essential oil combo let me know.. I am open to new ideas.. and I love to make custom soaps... ! Please do leave me comments.. tell me about my soap..... after all its you guys and gals who keep me going... I am off to hang my laundry on the line.. and I am seriously considering making a laundry soap for scrubbing stains !!! some day soon....

Happy showering... and enjoy this sunny day !


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  1. Some scents I'd love to see come from you Casey would be: Rosemary, Sage and clove :)