citrus bliss bath bombs

citrus bliss bath bombs
so yummy !

Friday, July 9, 2010

air conditoners and soap heaven.. !

It's hot... too hot for soap.... but wait.. is that an air conditioner on its way in the mail.. I sure hope so... I have finally given in and ordered an air conditioner so that I can resume the long lost art of making my soap! I have been on hold while the weather gods unleash this moist hot air upon us but soon I will be back in business.. ! I do happen to have a basement full of curing soap.. and most of it will be ready by monday. I have lime twist with green spinach and alfalfa swirled throughout... I have beautiful jasmine face soap with calendula petals and swirled pink clay, cheeky lime shaving soap, bloody orange shaving soap, super peppermint exfoliating foot soap.... patchouli shampoo bars and peppermint dog shampoo.....

and let's not forget about all that jewelry.... I just got in a huge shipment of large rings... sizes ranging from 8-10 and even a size 13......

The special deal for blog followers during the month of July is this : buy any regular priced ring or pendant and get 2 bars of soap or one shampoo bar for free !!!!!! This offer is only available to you folks.... message me if you want to come and see all of the new goodies and take advantage of this awesome private deal ;)

Happy showering folks!


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