citrus bliss bath bombs

citrus bliss bath bombs
so yummy !

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jacob, Edward, and Patchouli... yummy

100 Bath Bombs.... they sit drying on my counter... they smell absolutely divine... they will be ready to go tomorrow! I have had 3 huge orders in the last 2 days... I feel pretty swell about this. It means the world likes my creations.. stores are selling them.. I am getting the health canada paperwork in, my house smells good enough to eat and I am covered in glitter (thanks to Edward).
For those of you who would like some fresh bath bombs come and have a visit later this week :)
I am doing a home party this wednesday at Shelly's house and have some really great craft sales lined up for sept, oct, and november.. I will let you all know the dates and places as they creep up!

I thank you all for following my blog, for using my soaps and bath goodies, for wearing my jewelry, for spreading the word about my creations and most of all for your friendship and support! I couldn't do it without you !!!!!!!!!!!

If you book a Shiva's Delight home Shopping party for the month of september you will receive a free pair of earrings valued at $25 (and you will still all of the other great hostess perks ;)

Happy Showering


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