citrus bliss bath bombs

citrus bliss bath bombs
so yummy !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The new Dark Chocolate Soap !!

I packaged the first batch of my chocolate soap last night... it does not smell sweet but more like un sweetened dark chocolate... I think in the next batch I may add some honey to sweeten its scent... I useda bar in the shower and was amazed at how soft my skin felt. I did a little more research and found this little tidbit of info to share with you about Cocoa and your skin....

"Cocoa is known to contain valuable anti-oxidants and is reported to assist with sluggish circulation as well as promoting softer, more youthful skin. Anti-oxidants aid in protecting the cells, collagen and elastin from damage caused by free radicals found in our environment. Cocoa has also been used throughout history as an aphrodisiac. This may be due to the positive effects of flavonols - active constituents naturally found in cacao."

So there you have it.. the chocolate soap is full of good stuff for your skin! If you want a bar I only have 10 left.. I will be making more next week but it will not be ready till october!

Happy showering folks.


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